Top 10 Most Expensive Houses of Soccer Players

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Arslan Muhammad

Kaka is one of the richest footballers whose property is Millions of dollars, and his magnificent house has an area of 1500 square meters 15 00 square meters



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Andres Iniesta is worth house 4.5 million dollars, it has five bedrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a small garden, and other amenities

Andres Iniesta


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Football legend Mario worth house $5 consist of million home features a private theater, a swimming pool, a home cinema, and an indoor pitch

Mario Balotelli


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Ronaldo's house is worth 6£, it has all the amenities of life, a gym, swimming pool, private theater and part of the house is made of gold

Cristiano Ronaldo


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 John Terry house is worth about seven million dollars and this house is located in England

John Terry


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Famous rich player Frank Lampard is worth 10.5$ million dollars and consists of 1950 square meters

Frank Lampard


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The footballer's house is currently worth £17.83 million and is built on 10 acres of land

Wayne Rooney


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The house of the most famous footballer is David Beckham worth twenty million dollars. His house is known as Beckingham Palace

David Beckham


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The most expensive mansion is priced at $21 million and has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in a miniature sports museum

Didier Drogba


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Football superstars and superheroes Lionel Mess live in multi-million-dollar homes Messi lives in the most expensive house

Lionel Mess


Image Credit: socccerplayers

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