Top 10  Fastest Soccer Player in 2022

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Arslan Muhammad

Kyle Walker plays for Club Manchester City and the England National Team.Kyle is number 10 in our list with speed 35.24.

Kyle Walker


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Karim Bellarabi Plays for Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen and the national team. Karim position is 9 in our list with speed 35.38Kmph.

Karim Bellarabi


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Pierre-Emerick Plays for as a striker for Spanish la Liga club Barca.Pierre get spot 8 in our list with speed 35.55Kmph.



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Inaki Williams Plays for Athletic Bilbao in La Liga and Fastest Player in Spain. Inaki No.7 in our list with speed 35.62Kmph.

Inaki Williams


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Erling Haaland Plays as a forward for Norwegian side Lillestrom. Erling No.6 in our list with speed 36.04 Kmph.

Erling Haaland


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Kylian Mbappe Plays for PSG Club and the France national team. Kylian Nick Name Donatello & No.5 in our list with speed 36.08 Kmph.

Kylian Mbappe


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Adama Traore is a Fastest Soccer Player. He his Faster than Usain Bolt. Adama No.4 in our list with speed 36.25 Kmph.

Adama Traore


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Marcus Rashford plays for club Manchester united and the England national team. Marcus No.3 in our list with speed 36.30 Kmph.

Marcus Rashford


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Achraf Hakimi plays for club PSG and Morocco’s national team. Achraf No.2 in our list with speed 36.48 Kmph.

Achraf Hakimi


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Alphonso Davies plays for club Bayern Munich and the Canada national team. Alphonso No.1 in our list with highest speed 36.51 kmph.

Alphonso Davies


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