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Tyler Adams is not satisfied with FIFA 23 Rating

The midfielder of Leeds United, Tyler Adams is not satisfied with FIFA 23 Rating. He compared his card with the club mate Brenden Aaronson who got a higher pace rating than him in FIFA 23 rating.

Tyler Adams is the new signing of Leeds United this summer from Leipzig and Branden Aaronson also joined the club at the same time from Salzburg.

They are close friends and amazing players as well. Both play for the United States at the national level. As FIFA 23 ratings revealed, a certain level of rivalry is being observed between the two.

According to the rating, Aaronson got a pace rating of 81, while Adams is left behind with 80 in the pace rating.

He gave his reviews about the FIFA 23 ratings while speaking to the Premier League official YouTube channel.

He spoke.

“Pace is criminal, to say Brenden is faster than me. If you watch any game, he’s never outrunning me. That’s just not happening. To be fair, if there’s two people who can keep up with each other, it’s me and him.”

He also revealed the level of friendship between the two. He spoke.

“Me and Brenden are obviously really close. Our chemistry on the field speaks for itself. We feel like we play well together. But we’ve been friends off the field for quite a while.

He further added.

“It depends on the day, if I’m tired, he picks up the slack, if he’s tired then I pick up the slack. It’s more banter between me and him being the two Americans we just bust each other’s chops all the time.”

He also commented on the physicality and showed comparison with his fellow. He said;

“I’m not complaining [on physicality at 76]. For sure, the aggression [ you need at Leeds], Brenden will probably say he’s definitely a more aggressive person than me but physicality wise, I don’t go to the gym too much so I can’t complain about that.”

“Wait, what was Brenden’s physicality? It’s got to be like 50. Have you seen how skinny he is? So, I’m 13 higher than him, yeah, I’ll let him be faster than me then cause physically I’ll just body him, so it doesn’t matter. I’d like to be at least an 85 by the end of the season. I think it’s manageable.”

He showed his passion of being a part of the Premier League;

“Playing in the Premier League is a dream of mine. I grew up watching the Premier League week in, week out and now being here as an American, I’m just trying to represent us right.”

Adams added some words about the upcoming World Cup 2022

“Absolutely [it’s the biggest season of his life] I mean looking forward to having an opportunity to play in a World Cup, it’s things that you dream about when you’re a kid. Growing up in the States, obviously soccer isn’t the biggest sport so to try and put the USA on the map is kind of a goal of mine. A goal for our teams.”

Maybe the FIFA 23 ratings will give Adams a boost to improve his performance in the next edition.



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