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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

You must be a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s why you have landed at this web page. We have arranged the data of top 10 Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo that you need to know. He’s a prominent figure in the football world. Each and every person is familiar with the name of this icon of football?

 Following is the list of table of contents that you will find in this article. Let’s have a look.

  1. Birthday And Birthplace
  2. Family Background
  3. Nickname
  4. Wife And Children
  5. Heart Surgery
  6. Amazing Jumping Ability
  7. Social Media Influencer
  8. The Museum CR7 Museum
  9. Net Worth
  10. Renowned Businessman

 Now we are giving an explanation of the above mentioned facts about Christian Ronaldo.

Birthday and Birthplace

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is the full name of the great football player of football , what we call Ronaldo. The name was given by his father after impressing with the former U.S. President Ronald Regan. It was a golden day for the world of football when he was born on 5th February 1985. The land on which he opened his eyes was Funchal, Madeira Islands. It is in Portugal.

Family Background

Cristiano Ronaldo Family Background
Image Credit: Celebrity Inside

Jose Dinis Aveiro and Maria Dolores dos Santos are the great parents who gave birth to this outstanding child. He has three siblings, and he is the youngest among four. His father was a gardener and his mother worked as a cook and cleaner. So, the process of his upbringing was in the poor family The name of his brother is Hugo. Katia and Elma are the proud sisters of Ronaldo.


The two popular nicknames of Cristiano Ronaldo are “Cry Baby” and “Little Bee”. The reason behind these two names was explained by his mother with the following words. 

“When he got home from school I would tell him to do homework but he would say he did not have any. I would be making dinner and he would jump out of the window and run off until late.  He used to cry when he passed and his friends did not score. People called him ‘Crybaby’ and ‘Little Bee’ because nobody could catch him.

Wife and Children

Cristiano Ronaldo Wife and Children
Image Credit: Birmingham Mail

Formerly Irina Shayk for the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015. But after that Georgina Rodriguez became the proud wife of the superstar. He is a father of four children now.

Heart Surgery

He became a patient of tachycardia at the age of 15 years. Even when he was relaxed his heart beats higher than normal. So he was worried about his football career. He had gone through a laser surgery of his heart. The operation became successful and he came back again with the same spirit.

Amazing Jumping Ability

Normally we talk about the high jumping ability of NBA players but Ronaldo can do more than the average NBA player. He has a fantastic vertical leap of 30.7 inches which makes him an outstanding player of football.

Social Media Influencer

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram
Image Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

The popular social media platform Instagram is overwhelmed with the followers of Cristiano Ronaldo. A figure of above 470 million followers touched Ronaldo.  So he became an expensive influencer on social media. High profile companies reach Ronaldo for the publicity of their products.

The Museu CR7 Museum

A museum was built In the honour of Cristiano Ronaldo at his birth place Funchal, Madeira. It was inaugurated on 15 December 2013. This museum is decorated by over 150 trophies of Ronaldo.  A hotel was built above the museum with the joint partnership of Ronaldo and Pestana group.The outlook of the museum is fascinating with the statue of Ronaldo. The statue was designed by Ricardo Velosa.

Net Worth

According to current stats, the net worth of Ronaldo is around $500 million. He has earned a sumptuous amount of money from different clubs including Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United. He plays a role of brand ambassador of different  products which is a considerable source of income for him. Nike is attached with the name of Ronaldo. Other products include soft drinks, clothing and FIFA football video games. His popularity made him the richest player of the football world.

Renowned Businessman

Cristiano Ronaldo Business
Image Credit: Amazon

Cristiano Ronaldo is popular with the name CR7(Cristiano Ronaldo with the shirt #7). In 2013, he started his business of clothing named “CR7” later on he added another product line of shoes named “CR7 Footwear” in 2015 He also added perfumes in his product category with the name “Legacy” “CR7 Gym” is also owned by him. He’s also the owner of a network of luxurious hotels. In the world of technology, smartphone applications like Kick’n’Run and CR7Selfie are also attached with the name of Ronaldo.

Conclusion Paragraph:

Now you are well aware of the top 10 amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo that you need to know. After reading his biography from childhood till present you must be inspired by the achievements of this outstanding player. He was born in a poor family but his passion and hard work took him to the horizon of success. So which fact is most inspiring for you? Mention the answer in the comment section. We are waiting for your interesting comments.



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