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Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Matches Time, Venue and Fixtures

The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is booked for the grandest and 22nd version in world history.

Football teams of all countries will show their high performance in this. In which they were challenged by the public group of the Constel is a World Cup that will itself be evaluated every four years. In this football, the male players will get the trophy due to their unparalleled performance.

The year World Cup 2022 will start on 20 November and end on 18 December 2022.This post will share with you not only its basic date but also its playing times etc. It contains the definition and complete guidelines for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Matches

1November 20Qatar vs Ecuador11:00 AMAl Bayat Stadium
2November 21Senegal vs Netherlands11:00 AMAl Thumama Stadium
3November 21England vs Iran8:00 AMKhalifa International Stadium
4November 21USA vs Wales2:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
5November 22Argentina  vs Saudi Arabia5:00 AMAl Janoub Stadium
6November 22Mexico vs Poland11:00 AMEducation City Stadium
7November 22Denmark vs Tunisia8:00 AMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
8November 22France vs Australia02:00 PMLusail Stadium
9November 23Germany vs Japan8:00 AMAl Bayat Stadium
10November 23Spain vs Costa Rica11:00 AMAl Thumama Stadium
11November 23Morocco vs Croatia05:00 AMKhalifa International Stadium
12November 23Belgium vs Canada02:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
13November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon05:00 AMAl Janoub Stadium
14November 24Brazil vs Serbia02:00 PMEducation City Stadium
15November 24Uruguay vs South Korea08:00 AMRas Abu Aboud Stadium
16November 24Portugal vs Ghana11:00 AMLusail Stadium
17November 25Wales vs Iran5:00 AMAl Bayat Stadium
18November 25Qatar vs Senegal08:00 AMAl Thumama Stadium
19November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador9:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium
20November 26England vs USA12:30 amAl Rayyan Stadium
21November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia6:30 pmAl Janoub Stadium
22November 27Argentina vs Mexico12:30 amEducation City Stadium
23November 26Tunisia vs Australia3:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
24November 26France vs Denmark9:30 amLusail Stadium
25November 27Japan vs Costa Rica3:30 pmAI Bayat Stadium
26November 28Spain vs Germany12:30 amAI Thumama Stadium
27November 27Belgium vs Morocco6:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
28November 27Croatia vs Canada9:30 pmAI Rayyan Stadium
29November 28Cameroon vs Serbia3:30 pmAI Janoub Stadium
30November 28Brazil vs Switzerland9:30 pmEducation City Stadium
31November 28South Korea vs Ghana6:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
32November 29Portugal vs Uruguay12:30 amLusail Stadium
33November 29Ecuador vs Senegal8:30 pmAI Bayat Stadium
34November 29Netherlands vs Qatar8:30 pmAI Thumama Stadium
35November 30Iran vs USA12:30 amKhalifa International Stadium
36November 30Wales vs England00:30 amAI Rayaan Stadium
37December 1Poland vs Argentina12:30 amAI Janoub Stadium
38December 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico12:30 amEducation City Stadium
39November 30Tunisia vs France8:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
40November 30Australia vs Denmark8:30 pmMusial Stadium
41December 2Japan vs Spain12:30 amAI Bayat Stadium
42December 2Costa Rica vs Germany12:30 amAI Thumama Stadium
43December 1Croatia vs Belgium8:30 pmKhalifa International Stadium
44December 1Canada vs Morocco8:30 pmAI Rayyan Stadium
45December 3Serbia vs Switzerland12:30 amAI Janoub Stadium
46December 3Cameroon vs Brazil6:30 pmEducation City Stadium
47December 2South Korea vs Portugal8:30 pmRas Abu Aboud Stadium
48December 3Ghana vs Uruguay8:30 pmLusail Stadium


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