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FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets

Soccer lovers worldwide are interested in buying FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets as a great event is around the corner. This event was supposed to be held in the summer season in Qatar. But due to the high temperatures of the middle east, it has been delayed to November. The web-based Latest possible moment Deals Stage on begins at 11:00 CEST/12:00 (noontime) Doha time on 27 September 2022 and runs for the rest of the competition on 18 December 2022.

How To Get FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets?

The key to getting into the stadium is to buy FIFA World Cup tickets for 2022. You can get tickets via two channels.

Official FIFA Website

You can buy tickets from the official FIFA portal. You will get the E-ticket from here via online transaction. Then you will have to take a printout of the ticket before getting into the stadium.

Authentic Ticket Resellers

Many authentic ticket reseller websites are selling FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. These websites are registered with FIFA. All you need to do is to register yourself on the website Provide your credentials over there and then you are good to go.

These Are Authentic Ticket Sellers:




Estimated 500,000 Tickets Are Still Available For Sale

There is a total of 3 million tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022 allocated to watch the 64-game mega-event of football. Out of which 2 million were allocated for the general public and the remaining were reserved for the major stakeholders of FIFA. 521,000 tickets were sold in the first round and the second phase of selling tickets is in progress. The last phase will start by the end of September and will last until the final match of the tournament. According to the current stats 2.45 million tickets were taken by soccer lovers and the remaining 500,000 are available for sale. FIFA states that more than 1.15 million of the 2.45 million tickets for this year’s World Cup in Qatar were purchased between July 5 and 16—a record-breaking time period that showed fan engagement across all channels.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ticket Prices and Categories

Image Credit: FIFA Official

The sitting arrangement in the stadium is classified into 4 categories.

  • First Category: It is in a prime location in the stadium so it is very expensive.
  • Second Category: It is located exterior to the first category.
  • Third Category: It is located exterior to the first category.
  • Fourth Category: It is dedicated to Qatar residents and it is in the economical range.

The following table illustrates the variation in the 2022 FIFA World Cup ticket price according to categories and matches.

CharacteristicCat 1Cat 2Cat 3Cat 4Accessibility tickets
Group matches (2 to 48)$220$165$69$11$11
Round of 16 (49 to 56)$275$206$96$1+$1+
Opening match (1)$618$440$302$55$55
Quarter-finals (57 to 60)$426$288$206$82$82
3rd/4th place match (63)$426$302$206$82$82
Semi-finals (61, 62)$956$659$357$137$137
Final (64)$1607$1003$604$206$206

You can also compare FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket prices from the previous event with the help of the following table.

MatchesPrice in Dollar (2018 World Cup)Price in QAR/Dollar (2022 World Cup)
Opening match$220-$550QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220) 
Another group matches$105-$210QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220) 
Round of 16$115-$245QAR 350 ($96) – QAR 1000 ($250) 
Quarter-Finals$175-$365QAR 750 ($205) – QAR 1500 ($425) 
Semi-Finals$285-$750QAR 1300 ($357) – QAR 3480 ($995) 
Final$175-$365QAR 2200 ($605) – QAR 3650 ($1002) 

How To Resell Your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets

FIFA established an official platform to provide the facility of resale of tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022. The ticket buyer can sell his ticket at this portal and can get a partial refund from FIFA. A certain amount of fee will be charged to both the reseller and the buyer who is availing of this opportunity.

Note: This Time FIFA Official Close All Ticket Resell Services.

Conclusion Paragraph

As mentioned above that there are still 500,000 FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets available for the tournament in Qatar. This announcement is a piece of good news for football lovers, as getting tickets for this year’s World Cup was quite difficult. If you are interested in 

attending the mega event physically, tickets to FIFA World cup 2022 are still waiting to be in your lucky hands. So hurry up! Register yourself on FIFA’s website as soon as possible as the distribution of the tickets will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Be part of the queue in the waiting room for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets.



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