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FIFA World Cup 2022 Bracket Printable pdf

Many people are excited to know about the amazing FIFA World Cup 2022 Bracket Are you one of them? So, let us share with you in this post all the information you are waiting for Surely you are also a huge fan of football Want to know the facts about the amazing teams in this football game?
In this football power show, 32 teams are going to have a great and exciting competition
So, let’s bring you all the fun information You can also download the World Cup Bracket in pdf, image and printable version here Because we are providing you the facility to get information in both PDF and article.

World Cup Bracket

The following list of tables of contents will guide you about this post

  • How Does the World Cup 2022 Bracket Work?
  • Group Stage Matches
  • Round of 16 Matches
  • Quarter-Final Matches
  • list of groups
  • Final Match

How Does the World Cup 2022 Bracket Work?

The teams playing in this Football World Cup are divided into 8 teams groups with four teams included in each group. The highlight will be that each group stage will be matches played in forty-eight This will mean that when teams that achieve great success and top slots after the group stage are brilliant will qualify to play in the brilliant and lucky Teams play in 16 Round of Matches.
After achieving this great success, another stage in which four team players will be selected for the semi-finals after the finals are completed. And the losing team will be given another chance to qualify for the third-place match.
After that, when the result of the semi-final will come, the winning team will be selected as two outstanding teams. And these two lucky and good teams will face each other in the final field[stadium] of FIFA World Cup 2022 and there will be a clash between them.

Group Stage Matches FIFA 22

The classification of 32 teams into eight groups is listed below.

  • Group A includes the host country Qatar and the guest teams Ecuador, Senegal and Netherlands.
  • Group B comprises England, Iran, USA and Wales.
  • The world’s most popular Lionel Messi’s team Argentina is part of Group CSaudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland are the group mates of Argentina.
  • Group D is honored by the defending champion France. Australia, Denmark and Tunisia will face the defending champion.
  • Group E is made up of Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan.
  • Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia are members of Group F.
  • The hot favorite team Brazil is a member of Group G. Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon will face Neymar’s team Brazil in this group.
  • Christian Ronaldo’s team Portugal is a member of Group H. Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea will face Ronaldo in this group.

Group stage matches will commence on 20th November 2022 and continue till 2nd December 2022.

Schedule Round of 16 matches

The round of 16 matches will start on 3rd December 2022, and the last match will take place on 6th December 2022. The competitors in eight matches are listed below

  • Group A Winner versus Group B Runner-up
  • Group C Winner versus Group D Runner-up
  • Group D Winner versus Group C Runner-up
  • Group B Winner versus Group A Runner-up
  • Group E Winner versus Group F Runner-up
  • Group G Winner versus Group H Runner-up
  • Group F Winner versus Group E Runner-up
  • Group H Winner versus Group G Runner-up

list of groups who are slated to play in fifa world cup qatar 22

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales
Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia
Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan
Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

Quarter-Final Matches

You can watch the exciting quarterfinal matches on 9th and 10th December 2022. The competitors in four matches are listed below.

  • Winner of (Winner of Group E vs. Runner-up of Group F) versus Winner of (Winner of Group G vs. Runners-up of Group H)
  • Winner of (Winner of Group A vs. Runner-up of Group B) versus Winner of (Winner of Group C vs. Runner-up of Group D)
  • Winner of (Winner of Group F vs. Runner-up of Group E) versus Winner of (Winner of Group H vs. Runner-up of Group G)
  • Winner of (Winner of Group D vs. Runner-up of Group C) versus Winner of (Winner of Group B vs. Runner-up of Group A

Final Match

Final Match FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

The result will be saved on Sunday 18 December 2022 from all the participating teams that will enter the semi-finals only the lucky teams will be included .The team that wins and wins from here will be crowned the winner and will have the honor of lifting the trophy at lusail Stadium.


We all know that 2022 FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Qatar so inside this article you are informed about all the facts about how the teams are working hard with each other. To win the competition it also includes who will win the trophy in it everyone is waiting which team will be crowned the winner who will be victorious which group will play with whom all this information is provided in it. All the information is provided to you in both formats if you want to read the report then you can get the information from there also in PDF and print form.



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