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FIFA 22 World Cup Brazil Schedule and Tv Streaming

The name Brazil in the world of football has been shining since 1930. As the FIFA World Cup 2022 is around the corner, you must be eager to know about the schedule of the favorite hot team of the event, Brazil. In this post, we will give you a brief overview of the schedule of Brazil’s matches and their live streaming.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Brazil Group

Brazil belongs to Group G of the FIFA 2022 World Cup. The other members of the group include Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon. Brazil will be a tough competition with the two European teams within the group.

Channel Coverage of FIFA World Cup 2022 In Brazil

The live streaming of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be available on the Globo channel of Brazil. So, stay tuned to the channel during the grand football event to enjoy every strike of your favorite players.

FIFA World 2022 Brazil schedule

Do note the schedule of Brazil’s matches listed below and turn on reminders on your mobile phones accordingly so that not a single game will be missed by you. The names of the good stadiums are also mentioned.

The first match for Brazil will be against Serbia. This competition will take place on 24th November, Thursday, at 4:00 PM. The state-of-the-art stadium of Qatar, Lusail stadium, will be the platform for this competition.

On Monday, 28th November, Brazil will face Switzerland at 1:00 PM. The ground of Stadium 974 will be honored by this fantastic competition.

Again, the huge stadium of Qatar, the Lusail Stadium, will be Brazil versus Cameroon match venue. The date, day, and time of this match are 2nd December, Friday and at 4:00 PM, respectively.

Note the timings mentioned above are according to Brazil’s local time.

Brazil vs. SerbiaThursday, Nov. 244:00 PMLusail Stadium
Brazil vs. SwitzerlandMonday, Nov. 281:00 PMStadium 974
Cameroon vs. BrazilFriday, Dec. 24:00 PMLusail Stadium
TV Timing in Brazil Local Time

History of Brazil in FIFA World Cup

According to the latest stats of FIFA Men’s World Ranking 2022, Brazil is the top-ranked team with 1837.56 points. It won the FIFA World Cup trophy five times in 1958,1962,1970,1994, and 2002. Brazil is the only country in South America that took the trophy of the FIFA World Cup. The main competitors in Brazil are Italy, France, and the Netherlands. The defending champion France beat Brazil thrice in the World Cups of 1986,1998, and 2006. While Italy beat Brazil in the World Cups of 1938 and 1982.

Conclusion Paragraph:

Now you know enough about the schedule of sizzling matches of your favorite team Brazil. Which match are you dying to watch live? Mention it in the comments section. We would love to read your comments always. If you want to enjoy the thrilling stadium matches, do not delay buying the tickets as soon as possible as some seats remain. According to the predictions, Brazil will qualify for the final match. So, stay tuned to our blog. We will constantly keep you updated about other matches in Brazil after the completion of the group round.


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