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Erik ten Hag ‘surprised’ by Manchester United’s lack of fight during 6-3 thrashing by City

The second half at Manchester United was more of a misunderstanding and a quarrel because they kept their game on three goals thanks to Anthony’s crawling streak and a double from his substitute Anthony Martial. In a situation where the damage had already been done enough, everyone sighed, and City took a break in the meantime with a 0.4 lead. Because he was trying to control the situation while assessing it, he took this step, and he dedicated himself to it for some time during this time.

Feeling defeated, he said, “We have shown a lack of faith.”
I saw a different team spirit that I found hard to believe I wonder why he couldn’t strategize to get it on a page. It should happen, and I should talk to my players about it.
They say that if you don’t fight your battles that you didn’t do or didn’t happen to you, you won’t be good enough for it.

The opposite problem will be seen in the scene. And it’s all different from print food. It was a day when we didn’t run away and didn’t want to leave it.
Addressing his team with all confidence, he said that tomorrow I would tell the whole team how we can maintain our position on the front foot.
We can do it quicker and decent strategy. When he scored the first goal, he won the ball and saw the opportunity to create the impression that this was unacceptable. I have worked hard to improve my team’s attitude and felt we were all beavers in the second round. During that time, we scored three goals.

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I decided that the mistakes that were being made should also be corrected so that we could play to our best potential in the next game. Because if it’s not followed, when Manchester ignores dusty, you will be assassinated, and this time, it happened as a punishment The Hag made themselves available for five substitutions and decided against him bringing on Cristiano Ronaldo when the second half arrived.
Asked why he would not turn to United’s 7 no, the three-hander explained in unsurprising detail at the time that he felt left out of respect for the great career. Premier League start following his £70million summer move from REAL Madrid, but Haq believes that Brazil will again show its strength time will come.
He says he was signed this way, believing we had started to win. He seemed happy and impressed with the excellent performance of his team. These are not anti-exercises; they are after sleeping in Scott They show a strong belief that they will once again find themselves in a successful team, but they are naturally keen to hold their position again.



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